White Cheese – 1/4 lb


White Cheese is a powerful 50/50 hybrid strain created by mixing Cheese, Afghani and Super Skunk. This bud tastes and smells only mildly like brie or blue cheese with undertones of skunky goodness and its leaves can be described as dense, lumpy and covered in curly orange hairs.

Many users report this high as a very calming and relaxing one. The cerebral effects are mild enough so one can still hold meaningful conversations in social settings. However, this doesn’t mean that white cheese isn’t potent. Once inhaled, this strain is known to abolish all senses of anxiety or tension to establish a whole new meaning of serenity.

Containing both CBD and THC properties, White Cheese is a fantastic remedy for both physical ailments such as muscle/joint pains and psychological conditions such as anxiety or stress.

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