Wedding Crasher
Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher


Wedding Crasher. I wonder what a name like that will bring us.

Strain Type: Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Lineage/Parent Strains: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

These pinecone shaped buds are dazzling to look at, and bedazzle like diamonds.

An aroma so pungent, reminiscent of diesel and sweet fruits.

Floral notes makes you envision a white aisle dressed in custom flowers that once walked on changes your life forever.

These leafy flowers offer an array of green shades, from lime green to a deep almost gray green.

And let me tell you – the wedding will get crashed, all right. Smashed, even.

This kick-to-the-face type of energizing high can only be once in a lifetime. A sacred matrimony.

You’ll almost instantly feel a rush of euphoric vibes and be flooded with creative thoughts, unique realizations and mental clarity.

Your muscles will know motivation for the first time in a while as your toes dance and the hairs on your skin tingle. It’s time to hit the dance floor!

You’ll feel your social juices flowing as you find it relaxing to mingle with loved ones and discussing meaningful life topics.

A mood booster, a pain reliever, a refill of hope.

Once smoked, you’ll live happily ever after…

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  1. Matayah

    This strain gives the perfect high, It also has a delicious flavour! Overall a great pick, I thoroughly enjoyed this bud!

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