Valhalla (THC & CBD)
Valhalla (THC & CBD)

Valhalla (THC & CBD)


Valhalla • \val-HAL-uh\ • noun. 1 : the great hall in Norse mythology where the souls of heroes slain in battle are received / 2 : a place of honour, glory, or happiness : heaven.

Strain Type: Sativa Hybrid (60% Sativa /40% Indica)

Lineage: Cannatonic AC/DC x Sky Dragon

Aroma Profile: Sour & Spicy Citrus, Herbal Earth

THC: 12%-14% CBD: 11%-12%

Olive green and fiery orange, this hairy bud is one strongly aromatic flower.

This legendary strain has almost as much CBD as it does THC, making it the ultimate pain killer.

Extremely calming and mildly sedating, Valhalla will have you at peace with your reality and more in tune with your mind and body.

Where’s your happy place?

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