Triple Cheese

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This indica-dominated strain is notoriously pungent – it gives off a powerfully tangy and slightly sweet odor, like aged blue cheese. Breaking the buds apart yields more damp, earthy notes.

Triple Cheese has quick-acting, euphoric effects that initially lean towards the sativa end of the spectrum. Initially, the strain make itself known with a subtle tingle around the eyes and temples. Additionally, smokers may sense a change in perception, as certain external stimuli take on new intensity or dimensions. As they adjust to these physical sensations, users report an uplift in mood that is not necessarily accompanied by a strong cerebral focus.

Eventually, happy, floaty feelings progress into a body high that starts off as tingly, as waves of relaxation begin at the base of the neck and spread downward through the core and limbs. As users feel themselves unwind, they may notice that deep breathing happens more easily and that any muscular tightness is loosened.

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1 review for Triple Cheese

  1. Luke

    I was skeptical at first since the only payment method was to send an E-transfer but i took a gamble since i was desperate. ended up getting my order the next day – super fast delivery. this strain is good too, probably one of my new favorites

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