Sophie’s Breath
Sophie’s Breath

Sophie’s Breath


Sophie’s Breath will leave you gasping for more…

Strain Type: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica Hybrid

Lineage: Sophisticated Lady (Sophie’s Cut) x Mendo Breath F2

Aroma Profile: Sweet Berries, Rich Vanilla, Spicy Earth

This beautiful perfectly-sized flower glistens in silverish gray and deep green leaves with few orange hairs.

You can expect a clean and smooth smoke and a white, ashy burn with this gal – she feels and tastes rare and exotic.

Sophie’s Breath will enter your system like a sweet first kiss to activate your senses to reach untouched parts of your brain and body.

Like an intimate hug from a long-lost lover, she wraps herself around your mind and triggers a sense of happiness only the youthful days were able to bring about.

You’ll find yourself giggling, tingling, and craving food with a newfound appetite. Energy levels aren’t affected by this strong sativa but creativity levels will surely spike.

The pain and hurt of present day tucks themselves away into another universe as your current dream world spins off of its axis.

A great conversation holder and happiness-inducer, Sophie’s Breath leaves you level-headed and alert enough to run regular-day activities with confidence and without the paranoia.

With moderate to high levels of THC, this strain helps with physical conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis and inflammation due to its pain-relieving qualities and also cures illnesses of the soul and mind (depression, stress, PTSD).

Just breathe her in and close your eyes.

Sophie’s Breath may literally take your breath away…

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