Snow White

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Snow White, staying true to its name, is a pretty sight to behold. The huge and dense buds are pleasantly soft. Numerous dark brown and red hairs give the nugs an extra fluffy look, and the resins give the impression that the plant has recently been snowed upon.

This strain has an earthy, citrus laden aroma, which can also be found in its taste. The adventurous earthy flavor is complemented by a nutty and flowery sweetness, with a sweet lemon aftertaste. The smoke itself is very smooth and thick, and carry a citrusy flavour.

Snow White, like the fairytale itself, is both very fun and helpful. It creates a pleasant and soothing body buzz and provides a mellow head high. It induces relaxing feelings of elation, happiness, hunger and creativity, which makes it perfect for recreational use. The high lasts for about 2 hours, and leaves a friendly, tingling sensation.

In addition to aiding in recreational activities, Snow White does wonders in terms of medicinal benefits as well. It helps to sooth effects of chemotherapy, nausea, and anxiety, while simultaneously alleviating depression, stress, pain, lack of appetite, insomnia and fatigue.

Snow White is one of our more affordable strains that promises a gentle high and is recommended for beginners.

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1 review for Snow White

  1. hula_hoops3 (verified owner)

    Easy like Sunday mornings…if Sunday mornings lasted about 2 hours or so…SW is a weaker strain for my liking but I would reach for SW when I’m pregaming before a situation that I really cant appear to be high for lol (dinner with in-laws) lol…also yes I pregame with weed…

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