Sherb Breath
Sherb Breath

Sherb Breath


Sherb Breath is the love child of the well-known Sunset Sherbet and Mendo Breath parent strains.

An 80/20 indica-dominant strain, Sherb Breath will captivate you with aromas and flavours of sweet and sour berries and herbal-ly delight.

These medium-sized heart-shaped nugs shows off its vibrant shades of green in contrast to its bright orange hairs.

With slightly higher levels of THC, this flower may not be recommended for beginners. As with most indicas, this stony high may be too couch-locking for some. To others who like this type of potency, it’s a life saver in terms of relaxation abilities.

Concentration and creativity are also reported by users who have tried Sherb Breath making it suitable for smoking during the day as well, so long as you’re not doing too much that day.

Take a deep breath. Huff and puff, thick white clouds of smoke and POOF… you’ll be gone to a better place in no time.

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