Shatter – Wedding Cake


What better way to consume cannabis than to torch some candy-like shatter? This crispy and sticky “caramel” delivers a clean and smooth hit each time without the inevitable pungent odour that smoking joints or blunts entails.

Whether you’re flying solo or already hitched, you’re going to want to form a sacred union with this flower.

Wedding Cake, sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies in Canada, is the special indica-dominant hybrid love child of the Cherry Pie strain and Girl Scout Cookies. It has a particularly spicy and peppery taste unlike those of any other sweet-sounding strains and has a slight hint of cirtus. There is hardly ever a cake without some delicious cream so expect a creamy and smooth aftertaste. Like an extravagant bridal bouquet, this strain has large and beautifully coloured leaves curled up tightly against one another.

A well-balanced high, this flower takes hold initially in the head and tends to provoke fast-paced thoughts and ideas. Users tend to feel the sativa end for the first hour or so, sparking creativity and productivity before the indica side takes hold. Relaxation and euphoria comes in waves to warm up your limbs and spine as the most pleasant form of sedation sinks in. Medicinal uses are also common with Wedding Cake for psychological ailments such as anxiety, ADHD, or stress. Some users even recommend this strain for high-functioning activities such as exercising or sex – what a perfect wedding night!

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