Rainbow THC Gummies 🌈

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Get ready to feel all the colours of the rainbow with these yummy gummies!

These are HIGH-ly recommended for sleep, stress, pain, or if you just want to unwind after a long day. Like most other edibles, the high kicks in slowly and comfortably, leaving you feeling happy and relaxed. These gummies also leave you with a vibrant body high – your limbs will tingle and celebrate.

Take one gummy for beginners, two for veterans, and three or more for chronics.


Please try Dr-Bud’s own brand of THC gummies, “Nana’s Secret” under the related products listed below.

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3 reviews for Rainbow THC Gummies 🌈

  1. Erin K

    Amazing! Slept like a baby after taking these. Love how the high kicks in slowly. Flavours are good too, doesn’t taste too strongly of weed

  2. Chris

    Love these!! Had a glorious day on this.

  3. hula_hoops3 (verified owner)

    These edibles are delightful. I took two just before a workout. They felt like they have a slow release as the high comes in waves…hands down the best workout ever!!!….if I had taken more than two I believe I would of been body stoned….which sometimes that’s solely the mission but not at 9:00am in the morning! These edibles are a good deal that tastes great!

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