Purple Haze
Purple Haze

Purple Haze


A timeless classic strain that never grows old. Purple Haze.

Strain Type: 85% Sativa / 15% Indica Hybrid

Lineage: Purple Thai x Haze

Aroma Profile: Sweet, Berry, Earth.

Named after Jimi Hendrix’s classic hit from 1967, this strain itself also captivated audiences and has been around since the 1960’s.

Almost every stoner knows of it. But only few will ever get to experience this extra PURPLE version.

These incredible beauties are medium-sized with very few green leaves and an abundance of purple leaves with bright curly orange hairs to connect them altogether.

You can expect nothing short of potent with Purple Haze, because it can very much leave you in the best haze of your life.

Mentally stimulating, thought-provoking, and bliss-inducing – this flower will spin your world out of control (in a good way)!

As with many sativas, the high shoots straight to the head to cause slightly odd “thumping” in the temples as blood flows to your brain, sparking creativity and insight.

You may find daily occurrences around you more interesting and you become more accepting of new ideas and mundane tasks, finding joy in even the little things.

A social strain, you’ll find yourself more open-minded and extroverted than normal as you strike up conversations and make new acquaintances.

Beginners beware – Purple Haze may leave you slightly nervous or disoriented if consumed too much. This strain should be reserved for the more frequent smoker.

As time marches on, users will feel the physical buzz kick in as your limbs feel a new type of connection to your body. Your coordination may change a bit, making exercise, cooking or gaming an extremely interesting challenge.

Under the right circumstances and company, Purple Haze may even leave you slightly aroused and more adventurous than usual.

Recommended for early or late afternoon smoke sessions, this strain isn’t the best bedtime strain because although you’ll feel a drop in your energy once it begins to wear off, it lets you down gently and you’ll likely sober back up instead of just passing out.

Medical patients have benefited tremendously for ADHD conditions that require better concentration and other mood disorders such as depression or stress.

Are you ready to lose yourself in the Purple Haze? Because when the fog rolls in, you might enjoy getting lost in it for a while.

Not all who wander are lost, right?

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