Premium AAAA Pre-Roll (Mango Peyote)


Love smoking joints but hate rolling them? We’ve got you covered.

Enjoy Dr-Bud’s premium pre-rolled joints made with AAAA grade flowers. Whether you choose to light one up alone or with a friend, these pre-rolls make your smoking experience quick and easy.

Mango Peyote is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that was made by crossing Mango Biche with the Peyote Purple strain.

Mango Biche is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, created from a classic Columbian line. A spicy yet fruity mango aroma permeates the flavour as well. Superb for daytime usage. Colombian Mango Biche cannabis strain’s high is a powerfully trippy and psychoactive one – with this cerebral power comes some sweet and pleasant hints of relaxation. 

Peyote Purple is a very original and unique plant. This Indica strain is known for its dark almost black foliage, and its very noticeable resin production. A delicious fruity strain that takes on the characteristics of Peyote with a sweet and fruity aroma.

The combination of these two strains created a flavour and aroma that is spicy, sweet, floral and fruity. Its effect is powerful, mentally relaxing, light and cheerful.

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