Premium AAAA Pre-Roll (Gorilla Mint)


Love smoking joints but hate rolling them? We’ve got you covered.

Enjoy Dr-Bud’s premium pre-rolled joints made with AAAA grade flowers. Whether you choose to light one up alone or with a friend, these pre-rolls make your smoking experience quick and easy.

This cannabis plant’s flowers strike the eye: chunky, clunky buds powdered in a thick layer of crystals and coral-red hairs. Gorilla Mint’s aroma has a cool, earthy scent with a spritz of sweet sugar.

This strain’s effects spread through the body within minutes of smoking. It’s ideal for relaxation, dulling pain, or curbing inflammation. The sativa lineage keeps the body high from becoming too sedative, so many users say they remain alert and focused while under its effects. Gorilla Mint is a good strain to keep handy in the event of needing some reliable, hard-hitting medicine while working, playing, or being social.

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