Peyote Cookie
Peyote Cookie

Peyote Cookie


Peyote Cookie is a heavily Indica-dominated strain (95% indica, 5% sativa) with an addictive sweet flavour and intense high. The aroma created by Peyote Cookie can be described as a mixture of nutty vanilla and tropical fruits with a high that lasts for hours. Its oversized leaves range from a bright minty green to deep purple and are incredibly dense and resinous.

Peyote Cookie’s high settles in like a warm hug to relax your entire body and lull you into a relaxing trance. Muscle aches, pain or tension like melt away as these warm sensations travels throughout your body and lifts your mood to a whole new level. Peyote Cookie’s heavy sedating effects make it great for use in the evening or for treating anxiety or insomnia.

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