Orange Crush
Orange Crush

Orange Crush


Orange Crush will fill your world with a new-found sense of well-being.

Strain Type: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Hybrid

Lineage: Californian Orange x Blueberry

Aroma Profile: Tangy Citrus, Sweet Tangerine, Dank Earth

Here’s a tasty new strain that will quench your thirst for an uplifting and refreshing high. This delicious flower literally smells and tastes like the drink itself.

These roundish triangular nugs are olive green and deep orange in colour and are very popular on the west coast.

If you are a wake and bake type of smoker, Orange Crush is your go-to. This is the cerebral “kick-off-your-day” type of high you need in your life.

You’ll feel wrapped in a warm blanket of calm and happiness as you go about your day without the heavy couch-locking sensations of the 20% indica side for a while.

Your brain will find precision and focus for even the most mundane tasks such as cleaning or exercise. Creativity comes easily as you tackle more unique projects that you’ve been putting off for a while.

The best thing about Orange Crush is its open-ended energy; it gets you high but leaves you level-headed enough to tackle a variety of activities and doesn’t tear you down at the end as with some hybrids and indicas.

Anyone suffering from eating disorders such as appetite loss will find relief in the munchies-inducing powers of this flower. Its upbeat and euphoric effects are also considered a medical breakthrough for mood disorders or hormonal imbalances.

It’s simple: smoke the orange and it’ll crush your problems.

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1 review for Orange Crush

  1. Paul

    This may be my new favorite strain. I was so shocked that the description was so dead on. Have such a euphoric high and laughed like I was in highschool again. It also did taste like oranges and there was no burnout.

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