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Named after the legendary prehistoric shark, Megalodon is a sativa-dominant (60/40) hybrid strain that will leave you wondering about its infamous powers. This massive child of the Snow White, White Widow and Great White Shark strains comes in huge nugs that actually sort of resemble the sea monster itself. Megalodon’s huge leaves are clustered in abnormal patterns around these flowers to assemble what looks like a tail, head and fins! This bad boy gives of an earthy and grassy type of aroma with hints of pepper and skunk.

Imagine yourself, the smoker, as the vulnerable swimmer in the shark movie “Jaws”, and a hungry shark sneaks up on you in the water, slowly and quietly. This is the best way to describe the way this high takes hold of you. It takes about 15 minutes after the first inhale for you to fully feel its effects, and when you do, get ready to feel your head and body explode as the Megalodon’s jaws close in.

Euphoric happy thoughts are reported with feelings of clarity and creativity. Fireworks of newfound energy and enlightenment. Time seems to stand still, and suddenly, as time does pass in slow and calm ocean waves, “swimmers” will succumb to a deep and restful sleep.

After this memorable experiences, the legend of Megalodon is sure to live on inside your mind. There’s nothing extinct about this strain.

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2 reviews for Megalodon

  1. 420 influencer

    25 years of smoking and this strain surprised me. Big shark, big bud, big high… this is for the ones who enjoy a big jolt of energy and pain relief all at once. When you want chill vibes without the couch lock, but wanna stay active and ready for the day. If you smoke this you’ll be able to paint yourself without even needing to look at a mirror. First time smoking this and it easily slides into my top 25 strains of all time!

  2. CS420

    This is a nice smooth relaxing high. You feel stuck but you feel energized. This high puts you in a glass bottle and you build up excitement and energy to do something artistic. I felt like I left my body from all the tingling sensations and wanted to paint my life away…

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