Medi – 1/4 lb


Feeling out of it? Stressed? Anxious? Back aches? Someone call a medic – or you could just smoke some medi instead.

Medi, also known as “Medibud”, is a 60% sativa 40% indica hybrid strain with wondrous uplifting effects. This flower has dense, lime-coloured leaves with a frosty appearance once broken up. Medi’s aroma can be described as cheesy with hints of skunky notes and her high hits hard and fast, boosting your mood and enhances your mental state.

If the hashtag “#goodvibesonly” were a strain, this is it. Users can expect to feel a long-lasting buzz that starts from the head and travels like lightning down to your toes. Get ready to learn the true meaning of euphoria and experience a higher level of emotional wellbeing. This strain carries medicinal properties making it perfect for treating various ailments such as chronic pain, cancer complications, anxiety, and mood swings. The sativa side of this strain carries higher energy levels to help fight fatigue and lethargy. It’s no wonder the Netherlands has been known for carrying Medi as a prized pharmaceutical.

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