Mac Daddy

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Mac Daddy is a rare indica-dominated hybrid strain packing a powerful level of THC at approximately 22% to 30%. This flower has a strong pungent odour and a rich, spicy flavour which works together to deliver you a heavy and effective high. At a glance, the leaves are dense and round and surrounded by long, thin orange strands and covered in purple crystal trichomes.

Mac Daddy’s high hits hard and fast leaving you feeling energized and rejuvenated. Next comes the body buzz  that relaxes your muscles and leaves your limbs feeling slightly numb and tingly. This flower works great for pain management, sleep, stress relief and relaxation.

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1 review for Mac Daddy

  1. hula_hoops3 (verified owner)

    You know that feeling you get after a really nice bath were you are so relaxed and you feel cozy?…this stain does that to you…such a great high before you retire for the evening…

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