Layered Cake
Layered Cake

Layered Cake


Who doesn’t love a scrumptious slice of cake? Layer Cake is a slightly indica dominated strain (60% indica, 40% sativa) brings out unexpected flavours that can be described as skunky, earthy and spicy. Once the leaves are burned, aromas that arise are similar to those of diesel, cheese and fresh trees. This flower glows in hues of amber and orange with oversized nugs.

This high delivers great social energy but at the same time relaxes your mind and body for a comfortable night in for some quality time spent with loved ones. Once Layer Cake kicks in, you’ll feel a heavy but pleasant aching in the head and soon afterwards you’ll feel flooded by outgoing energy and ready for stimulating conversations. Moods will also improve as your entire body falls prey to the calming effects of Layer Cake, and don’t forget to have food close by once the munchies show up! Thanks to its unusually high THC content, this strain is recommended for sufferers of insomnia, anxiety or muscle cramps and aches.

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