Kraken is an indica-dominated (70 % indica / 30 % sativa) strain made of smaller neon green leaves and golden orange trichomes. Kraken’s aromas can be described as having notes of vanilla and nuts with underlying tones of mint and diesel. This flower is great for beginners and users who prefer a more mild strain since it’s absorbed easily into the lungs without forcing a violent cough after smoking it.

Although Kraken is more indica than sativa, its initial effects are actually more uplifting and energetic than expected. The high starts off with feelings of euphoria and makes you want to work on your to-do list. After some time has passed, however, the body high will kick in and make your limbs relaxed and heavy and you’ll sink into the couch and ready for sleep. Medicinal uses are also recommended for anyone suffering from insomnia, muscle pains, or mental woes such as depression or ADHD.

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