Island Pink
Island Pink

Island Pink


Island Pink Kush is a new visibly striking indica-dominant strain (80/20) with an equally sweet and aromatic profile. This flower yields a chunky spade-shaped appearance with vivid orange hairs, dark purple hues and olive green leaves that are soaked in sticky crystals. Disassembling this flower releases pungent skunky goodness with sharp floral notes of sweet vanilla into the air all around you.

Be warned – this is an addictive high. Euphoria is a promise. Happiness and bliss are in the agenda right next to your immediate plans for snacking as your stomach starts rumbling. Get ready to let your mind grow wings and soar above all of your earthly pains and problems.

Island Pink is a heavy hitting indica after all, so best smoke this one on a Friday evening after a long and hard week of work. Medical uses are encouraged for those suffering from insomnia, nausea or depression.

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