Humboldt Pie – 1/4 lb


Humboldt Pie is a sativa-leaning hybrid named after its birth area of Humboldt County in Golden State California. This bud features large and chunky leaves that are spaced out randomly across the nug to form very unique flower structures. These leaves are completely coated in sticky white trichomes and gives off a pleasant and sweet floral aroma. Humboldt is considered a more gentle smoke and exhales fumes of citrus.

Humboldt Pie’s sativa effects kick in immediately once inhaled bringing on an intense cerebral high that can be felt around the temples and around the eyes. This strain works great for making mundane tasks such as commuting or cleaning more enjoyable and may help with concentration throughout the day. A total mood-booster, Humboldt can be easily enjoyed around friends and brings feelings of euphoria. As time passes, the indica side creeps in and brings down the previous high levels of energy to a more relaxing and calming body high.

Known for it’s power to help with focus and concentration and pain relieving properties, some medicinal uses include ADD, fibromyalgia, and other bodily aches and pains.

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