Holsem Botanica – Clear Mind CBD Extract
Holsem Botanica – Clear Mind CBD Extract

Holsem Botanica – Clear Mind CBD Extract


30 ML | 1000 MG CBD

Enhanced focus and clarity.

This silky extract of adaptogenic herbs and functional mushrooms enhances memory, focus and neuroplasticity. Promoting circulation, with qi building, neural protective properties, Clear Mind will soon be your secret weapon for achieving all that you were born to do.

Start with half a dropper under the tongue twice a day. After one week adjust dosage as needed.

Like many herbal supplements, it will take 3 weeks of daily use for the full impact of this extract to manifest in your body. Consistency is key.

For maximum absorption hold under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.


    • LION’S MANE  – memory, immune boosting, neural protective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
    • TURKEY TAIL – antioxidant, immune boosting, prebiotic, endurance, insulin resistance.
    • GINKGO – memory, focus, energy, circulation, stress management.
    • ELEUTHERO ROOT – stimulating, adaptogenic, qi building, endurance, balance, stamina.
    • MAGNESIUM THREONATE – neuroplasticity, focus, energy, mood balance, resiliency.
    • CLEMATIS ESSENCE – grounding, focus, clarity, mood enhancing.
    • MCT OIL – brain function, memory, energy, blood sugar balancing.

Organic MCT Oil, CBD Oil, Lionsmane, Ginkgo Biloba, Turkey Tail, Eleuthero Root, Magnesium Threonate, & Clematis Essence.

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