Holsem Botanica – CBD Pain Relief Tincture
Holsem Botanica – CBD Pain Relief Tincture

Holsem Botanica – CBD Pain Relief Tincture


30 ML | 1425 MG CBD + 75 MG THC-A

Effective relief, naturally.

This silky and vibrant extract of anti-inflammatory herbs and flower essences works to relieve the source of pain from the inside out. We’ve infused it with white willow bark, a powerful analgesic herb containing salicin, which is the biochemical root of products such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Enhanced with the essence of Impatiens and Olive, which are known to neutralise feelings of frustration and impatience while building resilience and mental stamina. This formula has all the tools required to navigate the healing process.

Start with half a dropper under the tongue twice a day. After one week adjust dosage as needed.

Like many herbal supplements, it will take 3 weeks of daily use for the full impact of this extract to manifest in your body. Consistency is key.

For maximum absorption hold under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.


  • TURMERIC – powerful anti-inflammatory
  • SKULLCAP – GABA boosting, nervous system balance, relieves nervous tension.
  • WHITE WILLOW BARK – analgesic, pain relieving properties.
  • IMPATIENCE ESSENCE – neutralises impatience, frustration and irritability.
  • OLIVE LEAF ESSENCE  – revitalises mental strength and energy
  • MCT OIL – brain function, memory, energy, blood sugar balancing.

Organic MCT Oil, CBD Oil, THC-A Oil, Turmeric Root, Skullcap, White Willow Bark, Impatiens & Olive Essence.

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