Holsem Botanica – CBD Moon Time Cramp Relief Mist
Holsem Botanica – CBD Moon Time Cramp Relief Mist

Holsem Botanica – CBD Moon Time Cramp Relief Mist


30 ML | 1000 MG CBD

Cramp relief to soothe the womb.

This powerful blend of antispasmodic herbs and flower essences has been crafted to ease the symptoms of pms and menstrual cramping. The potent powers of cramp bark and arnica work to relax muscle tension, spasms and inflammation,  which is amplified by mood enhancing aromatherapy. Working to reduce nausea, frustration and irritability.

Basically, it’s your new secret superpower. You’ll be floating softly with the tides in no time.

Spray over the womb and lower back, as often as needed. Massage gently until it has absorbed into the skin.


Triple down on your moon time care with our bubble bath and pain relief tincture.


  • CRAMP BARK – eases muscle spasms + menstrual cramps.
  • ARNICA – reduces bruising, pain + swelling.
  • LAVENDER E.O.  – mood enhancing,  anti-inflammatory.
  • GERANIUM E.O. – calming, anti-inflammatory.
  • PEPPERMINT E.O. – uplifting, reduces nausea.
  • CRABAPPLE ESSENCE – cleanses obsessive behaviour + thoughts.
  • IMPATIENCE ESSENCE – neutralises impatience, frustration + irritability.

CBD Extract, Aqua, Cramp Bark Extract, Arnica Extract, Oil of Magnesium, Lavender, Geranium and Peppermint Essential Oils, Crab Apple and Impatiens Essence, Pure Grain Alcohol.

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