Holsem Botanica – CBD 1:1 Deep Sleep Tincture
Holsem Botanica – CBD 1:1 Deep Sleep Tincture

Holsem Botanica – CBD 1:1 Deep Sleep Tincture


30 ML | 750 MG CBD | 750 MG THC-A

For those who have trouble falling, and staying asleep.

This silky, sedative formula contains sleep enhancing herbs that ease the symptoms of insomnia by increasing nutrition uptake to the nerves and preventing cyclical persistent thoughts. Our goal is to make your eyelids heavy and your body melt into the sheets as you drift into a deeply restful, and restorative state that lasts through the night.

Start with half a dropper under the tongue 30 mins before bed. After one week adjust dosage as needed.

Like many herbal supplements, it will take 3 weeks of daily use for the full impact of this extract to manifest in your body. Consistency is key.

For maximum absorption hold under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. Double down on relaxation and enjoy as a bedtime routine in combination with our Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath.


  • SKULLCAP – restores nutrient uptake to the nerves, nervous system balancing, neural protective.
  • VALERIAN – sedative, improved sleep quality.
  • PASSION FLOWER – GABA boosting, helps prevent sleep interruption, promotes healthy sleep.
  • HOPS – supports deep and restful sleep, nervous system relaxant.
  • WHITE CHESTNUT ESSENCE – prevents cyclical, persistent thoughts.

Organic MCT Oil, CBD Oil, THC-A Oil,  Skullcap, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Hops & White Chestnut Essence.

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