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Grape God

Grape God

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Grape God is an indica-dominated hybrid that is a cross-breed of Grapefruit and God Bud (one of the top Indica strains). Hence its name, this flower packs a potent grape smell and has the sweetest undertone similar to those of grape gummies. Its leaves are tightly curled like many other indica strains and its flowers are quite sticky.

Grape God’s effects usually start in the head and creeps its way down to your limbs from the top down. Its heavy and relaxing high is best enjoyed around bedtime or during the wind-down part of your day. Given the correct setting, users will feel their day-to-day worries evaporate under the power of this godly strain. Although Grape God isn’t quite the heaviest Indica, you may not feel particularly motivated or energized to tackle more complex tasks while under its influence. It’s been reported that this high lasts a bit longer than normal even in experienced smokers.

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1 review for Grape God

  1. Alex

    Love the smell of this. Really smells like grape tangy and sweet! Nice body high

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