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This one’s for the busy bees and workaholics out there.

Chocolope is a 95% sativa strain that’ll give you the energy you need to tackle your day. Chocolatey and smoky, this strain is a true treat for your senses with its sweet and slightly sour flavour. This is the love child of parents Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze so you can imagine how delicious that first whiff of this stuff will be.

Chocolope’s high has it all: surrealism, creativity, and euphoria. Users find themselves to be more perceptive and energized after one hit and recommends this as a morning booster. A nice, warm, thought-provoking cup of coffee for the brain. Take it easy, though, this powerful little flower can make you a little dizzy and disoriented if you smoke too much on an empty stomach. However, speaking of stomachs, this is a great strain for boosting the appetite and will surely give you the munchies.

One of the more potent strains, chocolope is not recommended for beginners or anyone with bouts of paranoia or severe anxiety. Having said that, many asthma patients have benefited from smaller amounts of this strain

Look no further, child. A personal favourite of many smokers, Chocolope is a highly sought out strain for the sativa fans out there.

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1 review for Chocolope

  1. lisa kind

    Wake and bake, I am a morning person, and smoked this with my coffee and can’t believe how much I got accomplished throughout the day. Love this smoke, and didn’t feel that hungry on it either

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