Budder – Death Bubba


Just like the butter we eat, this BUDDER makes everything better. Similar to shatter, this clean extract looks and feels extra fancy and delicious. No odour, no burnt smoke taste, no coughing.

Just a smooth, earthy inhale to take you to paradise.

Imagine sleeping so well you look dead. This little guy will do that for you.

Death Bubba is an indica-dominant (70/30) strain created by breeding Bubba Kush and Death Star. With high THC levels of approximately 27%, you’ll be in a semi-conscious coma all day if you manage to fight the urge to sleep. Because of its sedative properies, Death Bubba is better enjoyed in the evening before bed.

Containing both sedative and mood-enhancing properties, this flower is a life-saver for insomniacs and physical ailments such as inflammation, pains or aches.

You are getting sleepy… very sleepy…

The rush comes on strong to make you feel motivated and energetic. As the high escalates, you’ll find yourself looking inward with self-reflective thoughts and drift away from others and toward an inner journey. Then the body high will pull you down like a stone.

Suddenly, darkness. The lingering aromas of pine and earth follow you down your rabbit hole.

Good night.

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