Blackberry – 1/4 lb


A warm, comforting blackberry pie on a cold, rainy evening. Flashing images of running through a berry field in the middle of July, barefoot, and you’re 7 years old again. Or perhaps, an image of the iconic phone that everyone had at one point in time telling each other to “Add me on BBM”.

Blackberry is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that is both pleasing to the eye and to the taste buds.

When you sniff the bag, make sure you REALLY inhale. You’ll surely love what you smell: fruity, pungent and a whiff of earth (the soil on which this beautiful flower was planted).

The taste: a fresh, cool bowl of ripe fruits in the sunshine.

The effects: relaxing enough to treat medical conditions such as depression, anxiety or stress but keeps you energetic enough to create meaningful conversations in a social setting.

Mmm… more berries, please.

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