Apricot Kush (Smalls)
Apricot Kush (Smalls)

Apricot Kush (Smalls)


The Apricot is a fruit that provides antioxidants and vitamins to the body.

Apricot Kush is a strain that brings relief and serenity to the mind.

Strain Type: Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa)

Lineage: SFV OG Kush x God Bud

Aroma/Flavour Profile: Sweet Apricots, Dank Earth

Known for the intoxicating apricot aroma, this Greenhouse-grown beauty proudly shows off her long wispy leaves like angel’s wings.

The nugs are medium-sized and nothing out of the ordinary, but for something this affordable, the effects are phenomenal.

Truly the best of both worlds, Apricot Kush delivers the pulsing cerebral high of a sativa but also has the properties of a therapeutic body stone of an indica.

You’ll feel more creative and uplifted than usual and as you continue puffing, you’ll imagine yourself in a picture-perfect field full of ripe apricot trees.

Common medical uses for this strain include curing insomnia, appetite loss, migraines, depression, chronic pain and more.

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