The African magic mushrooms strain is a modern strain that produces “mental fireworks” with incredible visions and enhanced body sensations. Dancing lights and shadows or morphing shapes, this mushroom will have you questioning reality for a while.

While not the most spiritually-awakening mushroom available, you’ll still be in for a unique visual adventure.

This psilocybe is suitable for beginners or small dosers.

Tingling skin, restless toes, light shows…


Tips for a safe trip:

  1. If this is your first time trying shrooms, make sure to have a “trip-sitter” nearby who remains sober and will care for you in the event of an emergency.
  2. Gradually consume only about 1 or 2 grams first and wait for the high to comfortably settle in before taking more.
  3. Do not mix with alcohol, weed or any other substances.
  4. Vitamin C and drinking lots of water will help with recovery from unintentionally strong effects so have some nearby.
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